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Project Description

WSS Content Import/Export Wizard is tool that allow quick and easily transfer any SharePoint content from the collection sites, file or ListItem from one SharePoint server to another SharePoint server.

Key Features:
  • Easy transfer sharepoint content from development environment to a production environment and back.
  • Export / import content on any level of farm structure: from whole site collections, site, libraries, lists, files, list items or any combination, as well as backup files in the server file system.
  • Easy search any changes in a site content, as well as file system, IIS, 12\TEMPLATES folders
  • Backup/Restore of all dependent files (Features, assemblies in GAC)
  • Check and install Features with Required Feature Install Wizard before running the import content. (only for UI version).
  • Check-In and the publish of files before start import process.
  • Fix Some standard errors in the export manifest file (a pages of publications kept the full path to the template file, which refers to a development machine, the package includes a export files are not marked as exported, etc.)
  • Save Export rules for future reuse.
  • Support command line.
  • Package export as ZIP-archive


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