Awesome Utility!

Nov 13, 2010 at 7:56 AM

Thanks so much for creating this, works great!

I had to move a standalone WSS site from a customers server in to our hosted WSS deployment and couldnt find anything to do it.  was almost about to start building it all again by hand... yuk!

Backed up the old site using this tool and was a bit nervous installing into a new package as it wasnt quite clear what would happen to other instances in the package but creating a new instance and not doing antyhing to it, then highlighting it in Impex right hand side, clicking on the top of the package and importing worked a treat - imported only into selected instance.  Had to reset permissions as expected on new site as the old users didnt exist in this directory but logged in as my SP superuser and tidied all that up.

Top marks on this one, a truly golden utility to help someone out in their sharepoint migration hour of need!!